Paris SS 2011 Couture: Chanel

Indigenously intricate, lady like and undoubtedly Chanel- the glitterati who descended upon Paris for Karl Lagerfeld's Spring Summer 2011 Couture were met with ethereal layers, blushes of pink and lilac, beaded buttons and collars and blanket upon blanket of chiffon. Pinks and whites were contrasted with the blackest black- both in the black detailing and the stark black backdrop of the runway. Pink hues were married with layer and layer upon chiffon and tulle- both sleeves and skirts. Traditionally structured Chanel Tweed in the palest flesh tones were paired with floaty frothy skirts and couture skinny trousers. Lengthwise- midi-skirt is key, billowing fabric would be likely to drown the model if it was any longer. For the lighter skirts we saw maxi-length. Shorter, tunic like skirts were teamed with trousers. And while it is couture, there's something for everyone- met with some disappointment, you can bet your 2.55 that you'll be seeing more of this in Spring. Here are some of my favourite looks:

A ribbon, tied at the top of the neck intertwined in the hair formed the basis of a choker, which, against the black backdrop looked like a shadow under the jaw- thus the model's neck appeared ever more swanlike. The plumage like dresses and sleeves added to the 'Black Swan' feel. Chokers of ballerina slipper pink also featured. Cosmetics-wise, faces were fresh and dewy, eyes were winged with clean black eye-liner and eyebrows were full and youthful. Lips and cheeks were lightly flushed in a ballerina pink. Hair was swept off the model's face and knotted into a matt chignon, with silver haired Kristen McMenamy closing the show.

The collection sparkled- belts, buttons, collars and even trousers caught the light with black and nude sequins and beads. Sleeves were structured and statements, with fluffy cloud-like chiffon and black capped-sleeves, while others were long, sheer and lined- much like stockings. Footwear was flat and pointed with invisible straps at the ankle. 

In true Lagerfeld fashion, Karl joined his models as they lined up on the sweeping staircase "It's for moments like these that most of us are in fashion" Paula Reed.