A Royal Wedding: 21st Century Styleee

© Mario Testino

Aww I'm sure most of you have seen the official engagement shots of Prince William and Catherine by Mario Testino (Diana's favourite) but here we are again. Lovely. Ah it's all very exciting isn't it? Not only because of the eight or so days off work/school we can enjoy but it's also a sweet celebration to look forward to. Forget about all the talk of rising cost and responsibilities, it's still a cute love story. I've never witnessed any royal event like it, we've all got a bit swept up in it, and with reports of Kate's engagement portrait dress (Reiss' white 'Nanette') to be re-released our fascination is reaching a fever pitch. I wasn't alive when Diana and Charles got married, and I was never really aware of Prince Edward and Sophie Wessex and but it seems everyone is captivated. And rightly so. I can't wait to see all the memorabilia, and if KK Outlet's commemorative plates are to go by, we're in for a treat:

KK Outlet chose Creative Review to showcase their nine of their unofficial plates, the rest of which can be seen here. Available on 15th January 2011, they're probably the only cool commemorative items I've seen so far, and definitely the only humorous ones. Not saying that the chintzy designs we've seen aren't cool in their own ironic way but I think it shows that you can be design-conscious and still support the wedding, if only for the holiday we get.

I love them, especially 'It should have been me'. Ooo or maybe 'Right Royal Knees Up'. No doubt we'll be seeing more like it on Etsy and Folksy. Can't wait!