Style Spotlight on: K K K KATIE! 'The Way We Were'.

They say the old films are the greatest, before billion dollar budgets and special effects teams, and if Sydney Pollack's 'The Way We Were' is something to go by, they could be onto something.

Never has a protagonist made me want to get a perm and call people FASCISTS as much as Barbara Streisand's Katie Morosky. Ball-busting political fanatic, and secretary of The Young Communist League, she is brilliant but under-rated, often laughed at and ridiculed by her university peers. You could say she is the complete opposite to future lover Hubbell Gardener, portrayed by Robert Redford, with his boyish good looks and varsity involvement. They bond over a love of writing in College in the late thirties. It's not until a chance meet, many years after in the hustle and bustle of New York City that the star crossed lovers begin their (sadly) condemned romance. Set this time in the forties, everyone has grown up with their own careers and their minds are fixed on war. It is beautifully captured and acted, and there are some great one liners, but the main thing that struck me was the sheer style of it all.

Costume designers Dorothy Jeakins (The Sound of Music) and Moss Mabry (Move Over, Darling) manage to encapsulate the character of Katie whilst still maintaining a look which is fashionable today. In fact, I spied many pieces which are key for Autumn/Winter 2010. Draped cardigans, camel coats and the constant big hair come together to create a look which is not too try-hard but is simply just right. To put it bluntly, I want everything in Katie's wardrobe. Even the styling of Streisand's hair is complementary from big bolshy curls to match her kick-ass attitude to tamed down waves and then back again. Just take a look at these screen-shots- a select few of many, (apologies for the sheer extent of them, I really felt spoilt watching it) Every screenshot is a feast for the style-conscience eye.

Young Katie's wardrobe is full of smock tops, blouses and wide leg trousers, and is always accompanied with her trusty satchel and a cardigan thrown over her shoulders. As the film progresses and Katie starts to carve out a higher profile for herself, her wardrobe gets more and more luxurious. 

Meeting Hubbell for the first time after Collage, Katie's hair is tamed yet has enviable volume. 
She wears smart tailoring but livens it up by matching her lipstick with her jewellery.

Fabulously flirty floral chiffon, with Katie's beautiful apartment as a backdrop. Can I live here please? 

Beach Hut chic for Hollywood. I love the glasses and jumpsuit. This look screams glamour. 

Heritage knits and brown tones. 

Luxe outfits and a whimsical setting. Love the Varsity Jacket (bottom right)

Other cast members have their own luxe style. I especially like the ostentatious 
flower headband and Hubbell looking very Chanel Homme. 

The ultimate outfit to run into your ex in. Leather driving gloves, Camel coat
                    with upturned collar. Very Autumn/Winter 2010.

Katie gets back to her roots protesting in that fabulous camel Coat. 

So if there's one thing I've learnt, it's that the 'classics' are so named for a reason. Everything about this film is Hollywood glamour, and nearly all the outfits would translate onto any modern woman today. I love how each outfit is tapered to suit the protagonists surroundings- from preppy library chic for College to luxe jet-setting chiffon and silk for Beverley Hills.