I pretty much need this in my life.

So I was looking at old runway photos on style.com when I came across this actual visual masterpiece from Chanel (of course. I mean look at it, what other design house could create this?!):

Chanel Spring 2008. Daniele Oberrauch (Source)

Who cares if I have nothing to wear this to. I'll wear it around the house, I'm not fussed. I need this dress for...stuff. It's the right kind of frou-frou.

If like me you can't afford the hefty price tag (we can dream right?) then head down to Topshop for this similar piece, an homage if you will.

Chiffon Dress by Boutique. 

I like how it's described as a 'fluff dress' which sounds awful on paper but is stunning in reality. How many fluffy dresses are as coveted as this one? Check it out here.

Better start saving the pennies then, I'm thinking...wedding dress??