Paris SS 2011 Couture: Jean Paul Gaultier

A beautiful boy bride, Raucous can-can dancer and models smoking down the runway, Jean Paul Gaultier's Couture show brought 'Anarchy in the UK' to Paris. Dog-collared Models paraded numbered cards, their hair spiked in Mo-hawks. In true Gaultier form there was Corsetry- this time black with cutaway pieces. Skirts were full, with froths of flirty can-can frills peeping underneath, reaching a crescendo when Crazy Horse's Psykko Tico, wearing a beautiful swanlike cloud of a dress leapt down the runway high kicking and splitting as she went, revealing can-can legged lining. Male model Andrej Pejić glided as an innocent bride, his hair veiled in black tulle, his dress tier upon tier of sheer and white tulle. Putting on a show, the full floor-length dresses had added peacock like feathers, some were masked- embellished in broken black metal pearls. One dress looked to be made from paper-chains and layer upon layer of slit paper, others were tight and sheath like at the legs but trailed after were white tulle tails or stiff black organza. As well as the number cards, models swung glittered ball and chain like bags from their hands, holding cigarettes aloft in 1920s cigarette holders. Some collars were spiked, with chains leading to arm length gloved hands. Fan-fan-tastic.