Jewellery Wish List: Gold Rush (Crush)

I have a bit of a 'Jewellery Complex'. I wrote a bit about this a while back. I've started to shy away from the usual High Street wonders- anything with elastic threading sends me into a cold sweat- and wanted more Jewellery with a bit of worth, something I can keep in a Jewellery Box, if you like. So I thought I would hunt down some pieces which retain the quirkiness of High Street but with the added luxe of boutique. Think silver plated mini muskets, gold plated cassette-tapes and faux vintage trinkets. Some of our old High Street friends are still there though, but they're some of the best I found and at a great price.

For idyllic fantasy jewellery, Alex Monroe is a (spangly) staple. Always hand made, designs such as the now classic Bumblebee are intricate and unique. I was lucky enough to receive the Swallow Necklace for my 21st Birthday, and I've been hooked ever since. The Feather necklace can be worn alone or layered and is next on my list along with the Baby Bee. Alex grew up in the gambling English countryside of Norfolk, and this is clearly reflected in his pieces- find nature here. Alex manages to create a chic range which in no way borders on druid. Thank God. 'He uses his skills to craft jewellery that is slightly quirky, sometimes cute, but always very feminine. The jewellery is both pretty and humorous, but consistently wearable' notes his website.

The beautifully peculiar Cassette necklace, mastered by Zoe Sernack of ZM925 is only a small representation of her work. Delve into a world of Chinese lucky cats, converse sneakers and, brilliantly, rubber ducks, all of which are high quality charms and now come with an accompanying chain. Exclusively for Australasians and Europeans, buy at Matches or via her website.

Another gift was a Zoe & Morgan bracelet. Deliciously Gothic at times and always cool, brother and sister team Zoe & Morgan deliver pieces which if not done by them would be utterly catastrophic. Think Raccoon rings and foxy necklaces- both beautiful and wicked. I love! They cite their exciting explorer childhood as a dormant inspiration and the Swallow Mask, above, is unlike anything I've ever seen. Also good for rings such as the Forget me Knot and Love Lasso. Check them out here.
A second brother and sister duo, Florida based Giles & Brother have an almost archaic feel. Seek golden bats and tiny musket pendants which would look at home on a Landed Gentry. For UK, find them at Browns or Net-A-Porter.

Put a ring on it. I've mixed Continents and metals to show the quirky with the luxurious. If you like to stack your rings high, Daisy's Stack Rings can't be beat. With vintage inspired designs and just expensive enough to know they will last, I was actually surprised with the gems I found. Can't imagine how they will stack? They even offer a 'Design your own Stack Ring' function, sponsored by OPI Nails. Need to see them in store? Ernest Jones is an official retailer. 

To get Brooklyn Cool (think Vanessa from Gossip Girl, not Jersey Shore at Coney Island) look no further than In God We Trust. Famous for their rudey dudey inscribed necklaces (I love them. Someone get me 'Sweet Cheeks') they sell from their Greenpoint boutique, making jewellery in the back. I love the Gold Rough Diamond, featured above. Must be mentioned it's not a real diamond, it's actually a gold shaped diamond, which is even cooler surely?! Described by their owners as "uniting the adventure, play and fantasy of youth with grown-up ensembles that can be taken seriously" IGWT felt perfect for this post. Get them here.

Another name worth mentioning is Laura Tabor. The 'Sweet' ring, above, which looks like a piece of chocolate is one of many from her confectionery inspired line. Find also Cola Bottle necklaces and Sugar Mice rings. All hand made in either 18ct Gold Plate or Sterling Silver. Fabulous. 

More organised chaos here. Hopefully to reflect the mish-mash of a vintage jewellery stall and not just my Photoshop skills. Tatty Devine and Anna Lou of London features here. Both Londoners, both purveyors of the outlandish and kooky. Also witness the fitness of another Giles & Brother, this time the Tiny Bat Necklace and ZM925's lucky cat necklace. One of my favourites. 

I love bracelets and bangles. So versatile. Stack them high you long-limbed ones. The surprisingly chic Disney Couture features this page. If you can bypass the fact that your ring/necklace/etc is named after a Disney Princess then you can actually find some pretty cool pieces. I love the Shark Jaw charm bracelet commemorating The Little Mermaid, which in turn looks similar to the pieces by CC Skye. Also you may spy the Think A Wonderful Thought bangle, which sold out last year but is back again with a vengeance. Find Disney Couture at ASOS

Need wearable vintage trinkets without the hassel? Head to House of Harlow 1960. Brainchild of Nicole Ritchie, her bohemian style can be nabbed with one quick jangle of a bracelet. Her pieces look like they were forged from the past, and are beautiful to stack or wear alone. Find them, again, at ASOS.